By Alex Feinman

ISO Recorder v3.1 (Windows Vista/Windows 7 edition)

ISO Recorder for Windows Vista/Windows 7 supports CD, DVD and Blu Ray operations. Blu Ray on Windows Vista requires SP2 (in beta as of January 23 2009).

Release Log

1) 01/23/2009 - Initial release


32-bit version

64-bit version

New features

1) Windows 7 support. Also compatible with Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.

2) DVD recording. A DVD image, including a bootable one can be recorded. 

3) DVD image creation is supported


Please, send feedback to Alex Feinman


Here you can see the tutorial on using ISO Recorder. (Not updated for v3 yet)


I accept PayPal donations for ISO Recorder. It allows me to upgrade the development hardware once in a while and not to worry about wasting blank discs

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